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The Buffalo Sabres just scored a goal by the slimmest margin possible

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This is as close as you get.

NHL goal line technology may have some problems, but it can certainly be useful. It was especially helpful in sorting out whether Mark Pysyk scored to make it a one-goal game for the Sabres on Monday night.

In question was whether Maple Leafs goaltender Garret Sparks was able to cover up the puck before it crossed the goal line.

Let's zoom in, shall we?

Definitely a goal, and one by the slimmest of margins. Basically a hair's width, but you can absolutely see the white of the ice in between the puck and the red line.

It probably won't matter now, as the Sabres are down again by a pair to the Maple Leafs with 20 minutes remaining, but it's a remarkable goal nonetheless.