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Amanda Kessel messes with Penguins fan who thinks she's her brother Phil

Think twice before trying to pull a fast one on Amanda Kessel.

Don't mess with Amanda Kessel. Not only is she one of the best hockey players in the game -- her 242 points in 124 games played with the Minnesota Golden Gophers should speak for themselves -- she's also a master Twitter troller.

In case you don't know, Amanda Kessel is the sister of Pittsburgh Penguins forward Phil Kessel. Brother Kessel is in the midst of a playoff battle with the Penguins as Pittsburgh attempts to keep their wild card spot with a handful of games remaining in the season.

He's having a good year for the Penguins -- with 43 points in 66 games -- but some Pittsburgh fans don't seem to think so. Sadly, this fan chirped the wrong Kessel sibling in their attempts to be mad on Twitter.

A+ trolling right there.