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Ryan Reaves ejected for a high hit on Blackhawks defenseman

Reaves was suspended recently for a previous incident.

Ryan Reaves has landed himself in disciplinary trouble again, though the merits of his ejection on Wednesday will likely be debated.

The St. Louis Blues winger was tossed out of his team's game against the Chicago Blackhawks after an early hit on Chicago defenseman Christian Ehrhoff. Ehrhoff was trying to play the puck behind his own net late in the first period when Reaves entered the picture and lit him up with a high hit.


Since a player was injured with a hit to the head, the referees had to call a five-minute major for charging and a game misconduct. But whether the initial point of contact was with the shoulder or head is probably up for debate. (I imagine both fanbases are pelting each other with arguments as we speak.)

That said, it's not like Reaves had much wiggle room to begin with. He's fresh off a three-game suspension in late February for a hit on San Jose Sharks defenseman Matt Tennyson. Ehrhoff also has a concussion history, making the incident all the more dangerous, no matter if Reaves was in the right or wrong.