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Dallas Stars score a goal that was either highly illegal or highly magical

One or the other.

You'd think we'd already ran out of controversial goal reviews in the Stanley Cup playoffs. You're wrong! The weirdest one came down in Dallas on Saturday.

Midway through the second period, Stars winger Antoine Roussel was skating behind the opposing net when a teammate passed the puck to him. He wasn't ready for it, and it went off his skate ... over the net ... and into the net?

The strangest play of the playoffs so far. It was reviewed (obviously) because it has SO MANY LAYERS. You can't kick a puck into the net. But what if you're behind the net and didn't intend for it to defy physics and logic? What if it went in while the net was off its moorings?

Did it even go in before the net left the ice? Is Antoine Roussel a Jedi?

Who are you? Where am I?

Neither do we. The brass in Toronto reviewed it for a long while and concluded it was a good goal. We'll take their word for it.