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Corey Crawford does the splits to keep the Blackhawks ahead of the Blues

This Crawford guy, I think he's alright.

The first-round series between the Blues and Blackhawks has so far been defined by the excellent goaltending of Corey Crawford and Brian Elliott. The St. Louis netminder stole a win in a shutout in Game 1, and now Crawford is putting on a show in Chicago.

In the first save before a furious sequence for the Blues, who are down 2-1 in the second period to the Blackhawks, Crawford stretched out in the splits to snag a one-timed shot from the slot.

Jori Lehtera was just too close to the slot to get a better angle on the shot and was unable to elevate the puck enough to get past the diving hand of Crawford. If that puck went a few more inches across the ice to Vladimir Tarasenko, Crawford would have never been able to dive across the way he did.