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Flyers fans sent falling after Wells Fargo Center escalator breaks

A scary incident that hopefully left few hurt.

A huge win for the Philadelphia Flyers on Saturday was somewhat marred by a terrifying escalator accident afterwards in their arena.

As fans were exiting Wells Fargo Arena after the matinee game, an escalator carrying many of them broke, sped up and sent many of them tumbling down and piling over each other at the bottom. Flyers fan Meghan McGreevy provided video of the incident, and it's about as scary as you just imagined:

Broad Street Hockey editor Collin Mehalick was there and told the blog that while he didn't see any serious injuries, a few older fans were taken away in wheelchairs from the scene. On the other hand, another reader reported seeing "everything from bruises to possible broken bones."

A full and exact report of injuries is obviously unlikely, but hopefully everyone was okay after such a scary incident.

(H/T Broad Street Hockey)