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The Wild won in overtime because the Stars abandoned their game plan

Caution is not Dallas' M.O.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Every moment matters in the Stanley Cup playoffs, especially when one mistake or terrific decision can lead to a season-altering goal in overtime. With that in mind, we'll dive in deep with a video breakdown for every game-winning overtime goal of the 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs to highlight the little things that you might've missed while celebrating or crying.

* * *

When overtime comes during an NHL playoff game, sometimes caution is good. If you take a risk then it becomes even more highlighted when it goes wrong.

But when caution gets you away from your game plan and forces players into roles they're not suited for, then you get burned anyways.

And that's why the Dallas Stars lost in overtime to the Minnesota Wild in Game 5.


Thanks again to Mike Darnay for telestrating the play below.

My dog keeps waking me up at night for no reason. I don't know. She's old. So I put a big box in front of my door so she won't scratch on it. But I left too much space between the box, the door and the wall.

So she just went around it.


The Wild are my dog.



Full disclosure: I'm a Stars fan. And I know that when the Stars are at their best at even-strength, they're constantly buzzing around the puck, bugging the hell out of the puck-carrier. When they sit back, bad things tend to happen.

So, no wonder this play goes south. I get that playing low in your own zone is a new "thing" in the NHL, but the Stars gave so much space up top that the Wild looked like they were on a power play. Free to do whatever.


No, not the coach. Focus, please.

Let's specifically focus on these two guys:


That's Alex Goligoski on the left and Mikko Koivu on the right. One of them is going to score the goal. It is not the Stars player. Follow me on Twitter dot com for more hard-hitting analysis.

Koivu is going to head to the front of the net. It is now Goligoski's responsibility to hinder that journey. Let's see if he does.



Alex Goligoski is a terrific puck-mover. He is a bad people-mover.


Combine the Stars letting Minnesota cycle the puck freely up top with Goligoski getting spin-moved after a weak check and you get ...


... a drive-by game winning goal.


Goligoski for letting Koivu get free, obviously. If he takes him out a second earlier he never reaches the net, Ryan Suter has to dump the puck in and the Stars live to see another play.

Instead, Dallas heads to Minnesota for Game 6 after another punch to the face.