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This Ducks goal will be thoroughly inspected by hockey's conspiracy theorists

Let the controversy begin!

It wouldn't be the playoffs without a goal to Zapruder film to death.

Nashville Predators fans were up-in-arms about the Anaheim Ducks' second goal in Game 5. With the score tied, Ducks winger Ryan Garbutt appeared to slam a puck in past Predators netminder Pekka Rinne from the side of the net.

But upon closer inspection, it wasn't exactly clear how the puck entered the net.

It either slipped under Rinne's elbow and over his skate or through the net mesh. One is a legal goal. The other isn't!

It was a big goal, as it gave the Ducks a lead they would later build on. So cancel your plans and let the conspiracy theories run wild as you all watch that replay a thousand times tonight.