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Watch this guy on Twitter fall in love with playoff hockey in real time

The greatest love story of our generation.

Playoff hockey is no doubt the best version of the sport. From April to June, we are all witness to its unrivaled speed, skill, unpredictability, and the overall general mayhem of a postseason.

Arguably, they're the best playoffs in professional sports. Many hockey fans become fans thanks to the intensity of the playoffs, and Twitter user @soloucity is just the latest -- and most hilarious -- example of the Stanley Cup playoffs turning someone into a hockey fan.

Tony's asking the real questions.

The Mighty Ducks are a good start. Flying V forever.

Good choice on picking the Blues, Tony, cause they won an absolute nail-biter last night!

That's pretty much what happens when empty net situations happen, yes.

You can, actually!

Welcome to the hockey family, Tony!

After gaining so many new fans, most likely fellow hockey lovers, the St. Louis Blues have invited Tony to Game 3 in the second round against the Dallas Stars: