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The Capitals' overtime goal in Game 1 came down to 1 camera angle and a few inches

By the skin of their teeth.

The Washington Capitals took Game 1 from the Pittsburgh Penguins in overtime, but it wasn't without controversy.

Capitals winger T.J. Oshie scored his third of the game and the game-winner on a play that started off fairly simple, with a wraparound attempt behind the net. But the final verdict (game winner or no goal?) hinged on one replay frame.

The first instinct is to go to the overhead camera. But it was clearly inconclusive:

And so was this view ...

... the broadcast (and, obviously, the league) cycled through a few more angles until settling on this definitive frame:

It was the only conclusive angle, and it upheld Oshie's goal and the Capitals' win in Game 1. The NHL explained the ruling shortly after the game ended:

At 9:33 of overtime in the Penguins/Capitals game, video review confirmed the referee's call on the ice that T.J. Oshie's shot completely crossed the Pittsburgh goal line. Therefore the referee's call on the ice stands - good goal Washington.

Conspiracy theorists and Penguins fans are undoubtedly already questioning the decision, and it's hard to blame them considering the whole parallax angle thing that popped up between the Dallas Stars and Minnesota Wild in the first round.