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You could probably afford Tom Wilson’s fine for kneeing in Game 1

Wilson avoids suspension.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The NHL has indeed offered supplemental discipline to Washington Capitals winger Tom Wilson for a bad hit in Game 1.

Wilson was officially fined $2,403.67 by the NHL on Friday, avoiding suspension for a knee-on-knee hit on Pittsburgh Penguins forward Conor Sheary. The fine is the maximum allowed under the collective bargaining agreement.

The incident occurred midway through the second period in Game 1. Sheary was handling the puck along the boards, near the benches, when he saw Wilson lining him up for a hit. He couldn't avoid it in time, and their knees collided:


Sheary was shaken up and missed a few shifts before eventually returning to the game. Wilson was not penalized for the play, and the NHL rectified that with their fine on Friday.

Wilson is the Capitals' hardest checker, with 253 hits and 163 penalty minutes this season. Sheary, a rookie, has been effective on the wing of Sidney Crosby since the postseason began.