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In praise of John Scott, the NHL's underdog All-Star for the common fan

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From fighter to All-Star, here are John Scott's biggest moments in his eight-year NHL career.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday has come and gone, and we as hockey fans have probably seen the last of NHL folk hero John Scott.

You know the story. In arguably the biggest narrative of the season, Scott went from a joke All-Star vote to the heartwarming story of the century after he was named the game's MVP. It took a trade and much backlash and anger to get there, but in the end Scott came away the hero while the NHL played the part of the mustache-twirling villain.

Since the All-Star Game ended in January and fans turned their attention to the playoffs, Scott has been playing on in St. John's with the Montreal Canadiens' minor league team. In 14 games with the IceCaps, Scott has one goal -- and it looks like it will be his last as a professional.

This week, Scott was called up as a courtesy from the Canadiens after all the chicanery that was pulled on him this year. After his one-night-only performance with Montreal, Scott is taking the option the Canadiens gave him and is heading back home to his wife and kids for the rest of the season.

Though he says his future is unclear, many believe that this was Scott's last hurrah with the league. His $575,000 one-year contract is up at the end of the season, and his wife just gave birth to twins after the All-Star Game. And after the way the NHL treated him this season, who could blame him for ending his professional hockey career on a high note?

Scott beat the NHL at its own game, and he did it with smiles and self-deprecating jokes instead of fists. He became the hockey fan's symbol of sticking it to the establishment, embodying an attitude many took to after the multitude of blunders the NHL has had this season.

As such, it's only fitting that we pay tribute to the tumultuous career of John Scott. The highs and lows, the ups and downs. His greatest hits, if you'll excuse the pun, and the moments that made John Scott who he is to hockey fans.

Scott almost didn't make it to the NHL ... at first

After being signed to an entry-level contract with the Minnesota Wild in 2008, Scott missed his first chance at an NHL call-up after leaving his passport at home. Made famous by this passage in his Player's Tribune article:

"Sir, your passport?"

My passport?

My f------ passport! No.

Back then, the only guys who took their passports on the road were the hotshots who thought they might get called to play a game in the NHL. In Canada. I was not one of those hotshots. (Because of me, they now make guys take their passports everywhere).

Eight games into his NHL debut, Scott had his first fight

Scott's first NHL regular season fight came in his second call-up stint with the Wild in 2009. He got the better of Colorado's Cody McCormick, despite the hard landing at the end.

Then his first goal followed in his first full season with Minnesota

Scott's first goal didn't come until his second season in the league on a mid-November matchup with the Carolina Hurricanes. The goal kickstarted a Minnesota comeback, but the Wild were thwarted in a shootout.

And Scott then stuck around in the NHL because of fights like these

Eventually, it hit a breaking point

Scott's penchant for the rough stuff finally landed him in hot water in 2013 when he charged at the head of Loui Eriksson and was given a match penalty and a seven-game suspension.

Mike Milbury had some choice words for Scott before the game, and then after the hit it got quite nasty.

However, Scott's off-ice presence was anything but the rough stuff of his NHL career

This included singing along -- badly -- to Christmas songs.

Suffering through Chicago's strange social media hijinks.

And making the lives of his teammates more fun with his on-camera antics.

Scott's self-deprecating became the norm

Another of Scott's most famous moments came after scoring his first goal with his fifth NHL team, the San Jose Sharks. In his first game with them, no less!

He immortalized the moment in a T-shirt, which was captured from a teammate's Instagram in all its glory.

Then the suspensions started to add up

Scott was suspended a total of six games over the course of a couple of months in 2014 because of his involvement with Anaheim Ducks player Tim Jackman. The original confrontation sparked a line brawl, which got Scott ejected and suspended for two games due to an illegal line change.

Later in December 2014, Scott knocked Jackman out cold with an elbow to the face, which earned him a four-game suspension.

Scott moved on from San Jose after the 2014-15 season and signed a one-year deal with the Arizona Coyotes. Which brings us to ...

Despite the noise, Scott shone in the All-Star Game

We all know the nonsense that befell Scott over the last few months. Even after uprooting his life to move to St. John's in Newfoundland thanks to an ill-timed trade, Scott made the most of his moments in the spotlight.

He scored two goals!

Threw a hit and mock fought leading scorer Patrick Kane.

Dunked on Jeremy Roenick during an on-ice interview!

Was named the tournament's MVP as a write-in despite the NHL leaving him off the ballot.

And rode off into the sunset on the backs of his teammates.

The sport of hockey will one day forget that John Scott ever played the game, but there's no way that fans of this sport ever will.