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Tampa Bay Lightning change policy, will allow out-of-state fans to buy playoff tickets

In 2015, the Lightning limited playoff ticket purchases through Ticketmaster to Florida residents only.

Scott Iskowitz/Getty Images

This season, tickets to Tampa Bay Lightning home playoff games will be sold on Ticketmaster without geographical restrictions on sales.

Last season, the Tampa Bay Lightning organization garnered ire from four Original Six fanbases as well as Lightning fans from outside Florida when they restricted playoff game ticket sales on Ticketmaster to fans with Florida zip codes.

The Bolts clinched this season's playoff berth on Tuesday night when Carolina's Noah Hanifin scored to beat the Boston Bruins in a shootout.

SB Nation reached out to Tampa Bay's director of PR, Brian Breseman, to see if the geographical restrictions on ticket sales would once again be in place. Breseman responded that the organization has "No plans to do that again."

The other controversial issue from last season's playoff run had to do with fans wearing visiting team jerseys in certain parts of Amalie Arena. Away fans were restricted from wearing their jerseys in three club rooms (the Lexus Lounge, the North Party Suite and the Chase Club), totaling 1,520 seats out of the 20,000 available at the arena.

This season, according to Breseman, the Chase Club and Lexus Lounge will continue to have home-jersey only restrictions, but it should not impact away fans. "Note that all the tickets in those areas are owned by season ticket holders," he said.