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Joel Ward just burned one of the best defensemen in hockey on a breakaway goal

A rare mistake from Nashville's best defenseman has the Predators on the ropes.

Roman Josi picked a hell of a time to have a bad period of hockey.

The Predators defenseman isn't the main reason why Nashville is down 2-0 after the opening 20 minutes (a 17-3 shot differential might be a big factor in this one). However, this play that led to the Sharks doubling their lead with three minutes to go in the period is ... not good.

Joel Ward absolutely turnstiles Josi on a slow rolling puck, which in turn sprung the Sharks winger to an uncontested breakaway. That slight hesitation from the Predators defenseman on the puck is a rare sight for one of the best defensemen in hockey, and it makes a crucial Game 7 that much harder for Nashville to climb back into.