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Ryan Callahan drills Kris Letang into the boards with a high, dirty hit

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The Tampa Bay forward could be seeing suspension time.

Ryan Callahan may be seeing supplemental discipline after this hit early in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final.

Moments into the Lightning's game against the Penguins, Callahan laid down a high hit along the boards that looked to have knocked Pittsburgh defenseman Kris Letang out cold.

Callahan rode Letang's head into the boards with his elbow from a good couple of feet out from the plexiglass. It was a hugely reckless and dangerous play, and the impact was enough to knock Letang unconscious for a few moments.

Letang was helped off the ice to the dressing room and returned to the game late in the first period. Callahan was sent to the penalty box for the hit and could face additional discipline from the league office.