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NHL analyst Mike Milbury makes concerning on-air comment about concussions

He wants this one back.

Mike Milbury probably wants a do-over on one of his intermission report segments on Tuesday.

After the second period of Game 2 between the St. Louis Blues and San Jose Sharks, the NBCSN studio crew began analyzing two bad penalties by Blues wingers Troy Brouwer and Steve Ott behind the play that led to a Sharks goal. Milbury started a legitimate argument that the two veterans should know better, but then tried to make a point about how weak Brouwer's slash was and made a very concerning comment about concussions.

Out of context, it seems like he's advocating for concussions. In context, it's clear he's trying for some sort of humor/exasperation combo and missed wildly. Judging from his immediate reaction after he said it, he probably regrets the comments. But it's still not a great look for the league or NBC.