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A hockey fan followed through with his promise to tattoo Gary Bettman's face on his butt

Nothing says backing up your word like getting a tattoo on your butt.

Twitter user @SlayIen is a man of his word, much to the detriment of his backside.

Back in February, Daylen Hopkins -- as Puck Daddy found his real name -- predicted something many thought impossible: that the Blackhawks and Kings would be out after the first round of the playoffs. Not only that, he put his rear on the line, that if they got eliminated, he'd get a tattoo of Gary Bettman on his butt.

After which, of course, they got eliminated! This is how the world works, ladies and gentlemen. Now a month after both teams were bounced, Hopkins has officially gotten the tattoo.

You are a hero to us all, Mr. Hopkins.