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The Islanders had to use their backup goaltender because their starter lost his skate blade

Thomas Greiss had an equipment malfunction at the complete wrong time.

Skates are pretty imperative when playing hockey. Without them, you wouldn't be able to do much of anything, let alone play a game of hockey on a sheet of ice.

The Islanders found this out first-hand when their starting goaltender Thomas Greiss suddenly lost the blade of his skate after a play early in the second period against the Lightning.

Greiss needed the aid of a pair of teammates to get to the bench so the trainers could make repairs on his skate. The delay took so long, however, that Greiss was sent off the ice to the locker room to get it fixed, leaving the Islanders without their starting netminder right before a Lightning power play!

However, backup Jean Francois Berube was up to the task for the five minutes Greiss was off and kept the Islanders ahead by a goal! Good teamwork guys.