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A camera lens fell on the ice during the Stanley Cup Final and players hit it like a puck

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This is every photojournalist's nightmare.

Camera lenses aren't cheap. A big reason why you see photographers handling their gigantic lenses with such care is because they can cost thousands of dollars.

Hockey players probably don't know that distinction, so when a camera lens popped off and hit the ice, you could no doubt hear that photojournalist scream bloody murder that $2,000 or so just went down the drain.

Now, as someone who's taken one photojournalism class in my life, I know enough about camera lenses to see two possibilities here:

  1. The lens wasn't screwed on tight enough and it popped out as the poor photographer moved their camera back through the hole.
  2. The lens was hit by a puck with enough force to knock it clean off the camera.
Even though I only held a professional camera for one semester, I can tell you that lenses can't just pop off; they're screwed in quite tightly. It's hard to imagine a professional forgetting to lock their lens before sticking it through a hole where people on skates fly by.

The second possibility is that the puck hit the camera before the photojournalist could retract it. The puck clearly goes in that direction off the stick of a Sharks forechecker, but it quickly disappears out of frame and the camera doesn't track it fast enough to give a clear answer.

Even worse is that it gets hit by a Penguins player who thought it was a puck, probably ruining it forever. Hopefully they've got insurance on that thing.

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