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Let's take a look back at how bad our NHL season predictions were

Someone has to win.

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Independence Day, American readers!

Speaking of: The NHL season ended a couple weeks ago. By now, our panel of writers must be celebrating their freedom from the predictions they made back in October.

That was intentional. I wanted to lull them into a false sense of security.

Because now, without further ado, it is time to crown an SB Nation NHL predictions champion.

Our Panel:

Metropolitan Division

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Official Capitals Penguins Rangers Islanders Flyers Hurricanes Devils Blue Jackets
Ari Penguins Capitals Rangers Islanders Blue Jackets Flyers Devils Hurricanes
Brendan Capitals Islanders Rangers Penguins Blue Jackets Flyers Hurricanes Devils
cfbot Islanders Capitals Rangers Penguins Devils Flyers Hurricanes Blue Jackets
Dan Capitals Rangers Islanders Penguins Blue Jackets Flyers Hurricanes Devils
Kyle Capitals Penguins Islanders Rangers Blue Jackets Flyers Devils Hurricanes
Pat Capitals Rangers Penguins Islanders Blue Jackets Flyers Hurricanes Devils
Satchel Penguins Capitals Islanders Rangers Blue Jackets Flyers Hurricanes Devils
Scott Penguins Rangers Capitals Islanders Blue Jackets Flyers Devils Hurricanes
Steph Penguins Rangers Islanders Capitals Flyers Blue Jackets Devils Hurricanes
Travis Capitals Islanders Rangers Penguins Blue Jackets Flyers Hurricanes Devils

Best round: Ari and Kyle both come away with the early lead by nailing three picks. They both pretty much had the top four right.

Worst round: Satchel, who had the top four right but in the wrong order and swung and missed on the last four spots.

Pick everyone got wrong: Turns out the Flyers are better than a sixth-place team! Who knew!

Pick most got right: Capitals winning the division.

Most ridiculous prediction: Most of us had Columbus finishing fifth. Whoops.

Also, the robot is tied for third. This is not a good start.

Atlantic Division

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Official Panthers Lightning Red Wings Bruins Senators Canadiens Sabres Maple Leafs
Ari Lightning Red Wings Canadiens Senators Panthers Sabres Bruins Maple Leafs
Brendan Lightning Canadiens Red Wings Panthers Senators Bruins Sabres Maple Leafs
cfbot Canadiens Senators Maple Leafs Bruins Red Wings Lightning Panthers Sabres
Dan Lightning Canadiens Red Wings Senators Panthers Sabres Bruins Maple Leafs
Kyle Lightning Red Wings Canadiens Sabres Bruins Senators Panthers Maple Leafs
Pat Lightning Red Wings Canadiens Panthers Senators Bruins Sabres Maple Leafs
Satchel Lightning Canadiens Red Wings Bruins Panthers Senators Sabres Maple Leafs
Scott Lightning Canadiens Red Wings Sabres Bruins Panthers Maple Leafs Senators
Steph Lightning Canadiens Red Wings Senators Bruins Sabres Maple Leafs Panthers
Travis Lightning Red Wings Canadiens Senators Panthers Sabres Bruins Maple Leafs

Best round: Brendan and Satchel can thank the Red Wings, Sabres and Maple Leafs for their second-round comeback.

Worst round: Travis, Steph, Scott and Ari all tied the robot with one. Shame.

Pick everyone got wrong: Every single one of us underestimated the Panthers and overestimated the Canadiens.

Pick most got right: lol leafs

Most ridiculous prediction: Pretty much anything the robot picked.

Central Division

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Official Stars Blues Blackhawks Predators Wild Avalanche Jets
Ari Predators Blackhawks Stars Jets Blues Wild Avalanche
Brendan Blackhawks Predators Stars Wild Blues Jets Avalanche
cfbot Blues Wild Avalanche Jets Stars Predators Blackhawks
Dan Blackhawks Blues Predators Stars Wild Jets Avalanche
Kyle Blackhawks Wild Predators Blues Jets Avalanche Stars
Pat Blackhawks Blues Stars Wild Predators Jets Avalanche
Satchel Blackhawks Stars Blues Wild Predators Jets Avalanche
Scott Blues Predators Blackhawks Stars Jets Avalanche Wild
Steph Blues Stars Blackhawks Predators Wild Jets Avalanche
Travis Predators Blues Blackhawks Stars Wild Jets Avalanche

Best round: Uh. No one? This was terrible, guys. Technically Steph and Travis had the best with three.

Worst round: Satchel, Brendan, Ari and the robot all struck out and got tossed for arguing balls and strikes.

Pick everyone got wrong: Apparently the Stars were pretty good!

Pick most got right: Blackhawks in third.

Most ridiculous predictions: Where do I start? The robot had the defending champs in last. Kyle had the eventual division champs in last. All of us overrated the Wild.

Pacific Division

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Official Ducks Kings Sharks Coyotes Flames Canucks Oilers
Ari Ducks Kings Flames Sharks Canucks Oilers Coyotes
Brendan Ducks Flames Kings Sharks Oilers Canucks Coyotes
cfbot Coyotes Canucks Ducks Flames Kings Oilers Sharks
Dan Ducks Flames Kings Sharks Oilers Canucks Coyotes
Kyle Ducks Flames Oilers Kings Sharks Coyotes Canucks
Pat Ducks Flames Kings Sharks Canucks Oilers Coyotes
Satchel Ducks Kings Flames Sharks Oilers Canucks Coyotes
Scott Kings Ducks Sharks Oilers Flames Canucks Coyotes
Steph Ducks Flames Sharks Kings Oilers Canucks Coyotes
Travis Ducks Kings Flames Oilers Canucks Sharks Coyotes

Best round: All right. Much better. Scott, Steph and Satchel nailed three of their picks.

Worst round: Starting to give up hope for the robot.

Pick everyone got wrong: Apologies to the Arizona Coyotes and the Phoenix community for our universal doubt.

Pick most got right: Ducks! Though if you had asked us if they'd fire their coach ...

Most ridiculous predictions: BUT THIS WAS THE OILERS' YEAR

Stanley Cup Playoffs

East Winner West Winner Cup Winner
Official Penguins Sharks Penguins
Ari Penguins Kings Penguins
Brendan Lightning Ducks Lightning
cfbot Rangers Avalanche Rangers
Dan Capitals Ducks Ducks
Kyle Capitals Blackhawks Blackhawks
Pat Lightning Ducks Lightning
Satchel Canadiens Blackhawks Blackhawks
Scott Lightning Ducks Lightning
Steph Rangers Ducks Rangers
Travis Capitals Predators Capitals

Best round: Congrats to Ari for the only correct Cup prediction! Also ...

Worst round: ... the only points in this round. Whoops.

Pick everyone got wrong: Nobody thought the Sharks would come out of the West.

Pick most got right: well

Most ridiculous predictions: The robot, again, with the Avalanche in the Cup Final. But Satchel and the Canadiens was arguably worse. Sorry, Satchel.

NHL Awards

We'll change things up a bit here with the points system  to give myself a chance to win to make things interesting.

If someone guessed one of the three finalists correctly, they earn a point. If they guessed the winner correctly, they get two points.

Hart Trophy Vezina Trophy Calder Trophy Norris Trophy Selke Trophy Art Ross Trophy Jack Adams Award
Official Patrick Kane Braden Holtby Artemi Panarin Drew Doughty Anze Kopitar Patrick Kane Barry Trotz
Ari Sidney Crosby Carey Price Connor McDavid Mark Giordano Anze Kopitar Sidney Crosby Barry Trotz
Brendan Steven Stamkos Carey Price Connor McDavid P.K. Subban Anze Kopitar Steven Stamkos Jeff Blashill
Dan Steven Stamkos Carey Price Jack Eichel Alex Pietrangelo Jonathan Toews Steven Stamkos Jon Cooper
Kyle Alex Ovechkin Braden Holtby Jack Eichel Aaron Ekblad Patrice Bergeron Sidney Crosby Mike Babcock
Pat Steven Stamkos Braden Holtby Jack Eichel P.K. Subban Anze Kopitar Tyler Seguin Barry Trotz
Satchel Sidney Crosby Carey Price Connor McDavid Erik Karlsson Jonathan Toews Sidney Crosby Lindy Ruff
Scott Sidney Crosby Carey Price Connor McDavid Erik Karlsson Anze Kopitar Sidney Crosby Dan Bylsma
Steph John Tavares Pekka Rinne Jack Eichel Victor Hedman Anze Kopitar Phil Kessel Barry Trotz
Travis Alex Ovechkin Carey Price Jack Eichel Shea Weber Anze Kopitar Sidney Crosby Barry Trotz

Best round: Ari cleans up again. Yeesh. She whiffed on only Norris and Vezina. Other than that, points across the board.

Worst round: *clears throat awkwardly*

Dan is great, though. You should follow him on Twitter. Really great guy.

Pick everyone got wrong: Patrick Kane didn't even sniff our predictions. It's almost like we made these after a huge off-ice incident and his status was in question.

Pick most got right: Huh. I wonder if pro hockey writers vote for the same three guys for the Selke every year. Or something.

Most ridiculous predictions: All of these were reasonable!

Final Tally

Metro Atlantic Central Pacific Playoffs Awards TOTAL
Ari 3 1 0 2 2 7 15
Scott 2 1 2 3 0 6 14
Pat 2 3 1 1 0 6 13
Steph 2 1 3 3 0 4 13
Satchel 0 4 0 3 0 5 12
Travis 2 1 2 2 0 5 12
Brendan 2 4 0 2 0 3 11
Kyle 3 1 1 1 0 4 10
Dan 1 2 2 2 0 0 7
cfbot 2 1 0 0 0 0 3

Ari is our 2015-16 SB Nation NHL predictions champion! Go send her pictures of shiny trophies on Twitter.

* * *

The new Las Vegas NHL team needs a name!