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Hockey goalie fight ends with a one-punch knockout

What a fight from the ECHL.

Goalie fights are a rarity in hockey. Even more rare? A one-punch goalie knockout!

An ECHL game between the Cincinnati Cyclones and the Quad City Mallards exploded in the third period on Wednesday night. Mallards’ goaltender Adam Vay went after a Cyclone player because of a hit and the game broke out into a huge brawl.

Stepping up for his teammate was Cyclones’ netminder Michael Houser, and the pair tussled at center ice. The result? A knockout.

The video taken by Stacy — @slvolks on Twitter — showcases the short bout. Vay delivered the knockout punch to Houser, but immediately went over to check on his opponent.

Here’s another video of the fight, from Patrick (@PeegeRiley on Twitter).

And the final penalty minutes for Vay? Nineteen!