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John Tavares scored his first career shorthanded goal on the slowest breakaway ever

The worst suicide sprints of all time.

You’ll have to forgive John Tavares if he seems out of breath on this goal. And Radek Faksa. Oh, and basically all the players on the ice except the goaltenders.

Tavares notched his first shorthanded goal in the Islanders 3-0 win over the Stars on Thursday. It was a very pretty one, a breakaway that went over the stick of Kari Lehtonen in net.

The reason everyone looks like they’re skating in molasses? Because the Islanders and Stars went up and down the ice twice on Dallas’ power play before Tavares broke away from the Stars.

The Islanders had a 3-on-1 that was thwarted by the Stars’ defense, then Dallas went on a 2-on-1 that Thomas Greiss snuffed out. Finally, Tavares finished the incredible sequence with the breakaway goal.