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An outdoor AHL game is so rainy it looks like players are skating on water

Somehow, the bad conditions have not rained on this parade.

The NHL almost delayed the Winter Classic this year because of the threat of rain. The AHL, on the other hand, seems to have no problems with an outdoor game taking place in bad weather, if its Outdoor Classic is any indication.

The Ontario Reign and Bakersfield Condors were taking part in an outdoor AHL game in Bakersfield, Calif. on Saturday. Their weather? Rain, and lots of it.

It’s a marvel that the AHL allowed the game to continue, considering that it must have been a miserable experience for fans in the stands and a safety concern for players on the ice. The whole rink was one giant puddle, and it was clearly affecting playing conditions.

But the show continued. The Reign were leading the Condors 2-1 in the final stretches of the third period, but the Condors came back to tie and eventually win in overtime.