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Watch every LA Kings player avoid Ottawa's Erik Karlsson during overtime

No one wanted to cover the Senators defenseman less than Dustin Brown did.

It’s no secret that Erik Karlsson is an absolute monster of a player. The Ottawa Senators defenseman is a behemoth on the ice, and while he’s not a pure scorer, his ability to make plays from anywhere on the ice is legendary.

The Los Angeles Kings knew this, and coming into overtime on Tuesday, they wanted no part of it. Karlsson was a late addition to the Senators’ three-on-three overtime starting lineup, but neither Drew Doughty nor Dustin Brown wanted to square up with him as the pair were seen debating over who would cover the two-time Norris Trophy winner.

The result of the few-second exchange? Brown clearly telling Doughty, “you can have him.”

The 40-second clip from the Senators broadcast is an incredible delight, as even they were bemused by the entire exchange between Karlsson, Doughty, and Brown.

Luckily for the Kings, they held Karlsson off the scoresheet in overtime as they were able to emerge with the shootout victory in Ottawa. Maybe the next time Karlsson draws up against the Kings in overtime, the team will be more confident in their abilities to stop the all-world defenseman.