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The NHL’s best and worst 2017 Halloween costumes

The Halloween spirit is alive and well in the NHL this year.

Detroit Red Wings v Florida Panthers Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Hockey may be in full swing, but that doesn’t mean NHL players weren’t in the Halloween spirit as the first month of the season came to a close. As always, more than a handful of players dressed up for the holiday, to mixed results.

On one hand, we got creativity! Fun references! Also, incredible craftsmanship in some cases. On the other, however, we got questionable usage of props by a certain team and a few uninspired and dated choices we had to take marks off for.

Of course, we couldn’t rank every costume NHL players wore to celebrate the holiday, but here are the ones we had the most opinions on. For better or for worse!

Best: Marc-Andre Fleury

Mary: The Green Army Men are often an overlooked part of the Toy Story franchise. Props to Fleury — and his wife Vero! — for the dedication with those stands. That extra step really adds more to the presentation.

Worst: Malcolm Subban and the minion

Mary: That panda is staring into my soul like it’s about to suck the life outta me. Leave the big masks to the mascots and amusement parks. Also, minions are bad and you should feel bad if you dress as one for Halloween if you are a fully grown adult.

Satchel: That is all true.

Best: Kris Letang

Mary: The makeup takes incredible inspiration from Game of Thrones and I am here for it. If you spend time in a makeup chair for your look, you’re doing something right. The Ice King and Queen look put out by students of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh was done to perfection.

Best: James Neal

Mary: Pennywise is topical, and the makeup is once again flawless. The dead-eye stare from Neal really sells the look, too.

Worst: Justin Williams

Satchel: Pennywise is the hottest killer clown of the season, Justin. Everyone knows this.

Best: Connor Carrick

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Mary: Tug at my Pixar-loving heartstrings why don’t you?

Satchel: Technically good, but costumes aren’t supposed to make me think about crying.

Worst: The Boston Bruins

Mary: I’m OK with the costume store masks, how does Jake DeBrusk not know how to hold a lightsaber? It seems? So obvious? That it’s not a blaster? For shame.

Best: Chris Kunitz

Comic Book L VERS! #happyhalloween. A huge thanks to @jackierileymakeup , you killed it Lady

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Mary: Kunitz looks like he walked straight out of a comic book before taking this picture. Once again, solid makeup reigns supreme, only this time with a unique twist!

Worst: Connor McDavid

Mr and Mrs Trump

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Satchel: It’s just ... why, man?