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Here are all the custom jerseys for the NHL’s 2017-18 outdoor games

The Capitals have released their jersey for their March game at the United States Naval Academy.

The NHL’s outdoor games will come to a close this season when the Washington Capitals take on the Toronto Maple Leafs on Mar. 3 with a game in Annapolis.

Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium will play host to the 2018 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series, and while we’re still a few months out from the game we already have our first look at what the Capitals will be wearing to the game.

According to the Capitals, the design is the first time in franchise history that the team is wearing a navy blue uniform which “pays homage to the U.S. Navy and highlights key elements of the Capitals’ identity.”

Overall, the design does a fine job, but the red bottom to the jersey stands out too much against the blue. Either make it smaller or add a white border around it to make that less of a focal point than it already is.

While we await the Maple Leafs’ jerseys for the game, here are the rest of the jerseys from the previous outdoor games this season.

Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens

In November, we got our first look at the jerseys the Canadiens and Senators will wear when the pair square off in Ottawa, and the looks go back to the team’s roots.


According to the NHL, the jerseys “[pay] homage to the history of the NHL and the League's next 100 years. The color silver was used uniquely in the design as a symbolic accent, drawing a direct connection to the NHL's Centennial Celebration narrative.”

Both the Canadiens and Senators jerseys are crisp and clean, and the silver detailing doesn’t take away from the history of these jerseys. Both jerseys, in fact, have the years of the team’s individual Stanley Cup victories imprinted on the silver piping on the sleeves. It’s a real nice detail that won’t really be noticed while the team’s play, but the attention to the small things really stand out in these jerseys.

Buffalo Sabres

Before Thanksgiving, the Sabres released their first look at their upcoming Winter Classic jerseys. While not patterned with any historic sleeve piping, the basic white, blue, and yellow color scheme looks as timeless as ever. The blue in particular harkens back to the team’s original color introduced in the 1970s but has since been put aside for a darker, more modern color.

New York Rangers

Much like the Sabres, the Rangers went with a stylish throwback jersey for their Winter Classic threads. Out of the two Winter Classic looks, however, this is more in line with the Rangers’ current tradition of uniforms, with block lettering running down the chest diagonally. The biggest changes include the big white collar popularized by Adidas alongside a Rangers’ shield on the shoulder.