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Very good hockey dog Charlie of the TODAY Show dropped the puck before a New York Islanders game

What a good boy!

The New York Islanders had a special guest drop their ceremonial puck on Thursday night. Keeping in the tradition of other teams’ Military Appreciation Nights, the Islanders had a dog drop the puck before their game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

And this dog is no ordinary one either, as Charlie, the TODAY Show’s puppy, was the guest of honor.

Charlie is a America's Vetdogs puppy and is training to be paired with a member of the United States’ military. He’s no stranger to sports icons either, as Charlie has met Michael Phelps among other celebrities as a part of the TODAY Show.

Islanders captain John Tavares and Hurricanes captain Justin Faulk got front row seats to Charlie’s show. And what a good job he did in dropping the puck. Honestly, it’s a 13/10 for me.

Hopefully we’ll see more of Charlie at other sporting events across the United States! What a good dog.