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Alex Ovechkin leaves Washington Capitals game after taking a puck to the face

This looked quite scary, but he’ll be back for the third period!

It was touch-and-go for a bit for Capitals fans. Captain Alex Ovechkin left the team’s Saturday night matchup against the Minnesota Wild after taking a deflected puck to the face in the second period.

Ovechkin went down immediately after suffering this unfortunate accident, and was quick to leave the ice to get some repairs.

The puck hit Ovechkin clearly under his visor just below his right eye off the deflected shot of Minnesota’s Chris Stewart. The shot came up off of Ovechkin’s outstretched stick as the forward was attempting to block the pass, but instead hit him on the way up.

There was, of course, a copious amount of blood to clean off the ice after Ovechkin went down with the scary injury.

It was hard to tell if the injury was more serious than a cut to the face, as Ovechkin did not return for the rest of the second period. Any time a player takes a puck to the face is clearly a cause for concern, but according to reporters Ovechkin will return for the third period of Saturday night’s game despite the injury.

The Capitals led the Wild by a score of 2-1 heading into the second intermission.