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Rock-paper-scissors at Jets-Stars is our new favorite pregame tradition

And you can thank Tyler Seguin and Mark Scheifele.

We are seeing the birth of a new hockey tradition. Before our very eyes, Tyler Seguin and Mark Scheifele have created a very unique, and incredibly adorable, running gag between the two NHL forwards.

Before Thursday night’s match between the Dallas Stars and Winnipeg Jets, Seguin and Scheifele engaged in a little match of rock-paper-scissors to determine which player would leave the ice last after warmups.

Thanks to a bit of paper action, Scheifele won the match.

If this display looks familiar, it’s because the pair engaged in the exact same activity during the Stars visit to Winnipeg last October.

During that match, Scheifele was the notorious winner, and took to Twitter to brag about the victory.

The next time the two played against each other in February, Seguin duped Scheifele into leaving the ice first with a bit of subtle, but probably not legal, trickery.

Fast forward to Thursday, and Scheifele finally has his revenge on Seguin for the dirty move.

Time will tell if Scheifele will continue his Twitter trash talk against his rock-paper-scissors partner, as he’s currently leading Seguin 2-0 with one no-decision. In any case, count us in for an offseason charity rock-paper-scissors tournament with NHL players.