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Carolina Hurricanes goaltender fails simple catch from the blue line for a goal

Oh no, Scott Darling.

Scott Darling may want a mulligan on this goal. In the opening minutes of the Carolina Hurricanes game against the New York Rangers, Darling was caught guessing on what should have been a routine play that cost his team a goal.

Rangers forward Mika Zibanejad threw a simple, stoppable shot on the Carolina net but instead found himself celebrating his 11th goal of the season.

Darling tried to do a simple baseball catch with his glove but instead got a fistful of air as the puck passed by him into the net. The puck hit off the side of Darling’s glove and trickled into the goal to increase the Rangers’ lead to 2-0 early.

Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible goaltending mistakes, but this one will live on in infamy for Darling. At least until the next NHL goaltender makes a highlight-reel mistake.