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Alex Ovechkin gives cancer survivor a night to remember after scoring a hat trick

Alex Luey will likely never forget this special evening.

“Hockey Fights Cancer” has already brought some incredibly touching moments to the NHL. Brian Boyle scored on the New Jersey Devils’ “Hockey Fights Cancer” night, bringing about another heartwarming chapter to the 32-year-old’s story this season.

On Saturday, Alex Ovechkin was at the heart of this special moment for 13-year-old Alex Luey. Luey was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, within the past year, and was slated to meet Ovechkin after the Capitals’ star surprised him on “Rogers Hometown Hockey” segment on Sportsnet.

Luey had part of his leg amputated thanks to the osteosarcoma, but was able to continue playing youth hockey. Ovechkin offered him tickets to a game after hearing about the touching story.

Ovechkin and Luey were inseparable on Saturday night, as the pair took a selfie together before the Capitals’ pregame skate against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

From there, things got more storybook. Ovechkin eventually scored a hat trick in the Capitals’ 4-2 victory, and gave Luey a third goal to celebrate.

After the victory, the emotions kept on flowing, as Ovechkin told reporters what he told Luey before the game.

Then, to cap the night off, Luey got some of Ovechkin’s gear after a standout victory.

What a night for Luey and Ovechkin, one that neither will forget it seems.