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San Jose Sharks ice completely random lineup thanks to NBC broadcast goof

The Sharks have to generate offense somehow, I guess?

The San Jose Sharks really have put their lines in a blender, if NBC Sports is to be believed. NHL teams going through line changes throughout the year is nothing new, but the Sharks are really going for it according to NBC.

Congratulations, though, have to be in order for goaltender Martin Jones, who is now a first line left winger for the Sharks!

And backup netminder Aaron Dell is also now taking reps as the second line right wing, alongside defenseman Justin Braun.

My personal favorites of the set are <Forward3FirstName><Forward3LastName> and <Defense2FirstName><Defense2LastName>, two up and coming young stars for the Sharks.

Broadcast goofs are a rare sight in the NHL, but the few we have had are a bundle of hilarious fun. NBC’s lineup of the Sharks during their game against the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday was jumbled and completely inaccurate, but broadcaster Randy Hahn ignoring the incorrect scrolling lineup is just too good.

“As you see our Southwest Starting Lineups revealing for you, Sharks with a couple of tweaks today.”

Tweaks indeed!