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Prepare to cheer for an NHL referee for giving an adorable gift to a young hockey fan

Tom Chmielewski went above and beyond when a fan emailed him about life as a referee.

Most kids dream of becoming NHL players, but some of them dream of becoming NHL referees, too. One kid, the child of Reddit user Jowilant, emailed the NHL’s referee association to ask some questions about the job. In return, he not only got an email of answers, but also a special care package including a handwritten letter from official Tom Chmielewski.

This was an incredibly cool gesture from a guy who typically only gets the worst reactions from fans. Being a referee can be a thankless task given your most notable moments tend to be when you screw up, but they went above and beyond here when one fan reached out.

Here’s what the letter said, in case you have difficulty reading it from the photo.

“Ben, thank you for your interest in the life of an NHL referee. Hope I was able to give you some useful information. Best of luck in your future. Always work hard and have fun. All the best.”

Being an NHL referee may not be as flashy or as lucrative as being a player, but moments like this are still special.

(Hat tip to r/hockey)