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Devils forward Brian Boyle cried after scoring 1st goal since cancer treatment

What a special moment in New Jersey.

Brian Boyle may not score another goal in the NHL that inspired as much emotion as his opening tally on Thursday. An out-of-conference matchup between the New Jersey Devils and Edmonton Oilers normally doesn’t call for tears when a goal is scored, but Boyle’s circumstances are unique.

In mid-September, Boyle was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, a rare yet treatable form of cancer. When the diagnosis was announced, Boyle also stated he was going to play through his treatment. While Boyle missed the first month of the season, the veteran forward returned to the Devils’ lineup at the start of November.

It took four games Boyle to score his first goal of the season, and a very emotional one at that, five minutes into the game.

What would have been an ordinary rebound pickup for a goal turned quickly into an emotional moment for Boyle and the Devils. And if the emotion on his face while celebrating was any indication, Boyle was over the moon to score that tally.

After the Devils took a 1-0 lead into the first intermission, Boyle was asked about the goal and said that the tally was the first time he had ever cried after scoring.

I’ve never cried after a goal before. That was, it’s a lot. It’s everything... These guys, my wife, my kids, they’ve been through a lot too. My parents, my siblings. It’s a good feeling. Let’s hope we stand up and make it count tonight.

Boyle’s previous goal was back on Feb. 11th of this year when he was still playing with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

What a moment.