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Alexander Radulov trips during shootout, scores goal anyway

Perfectly executed!

The shootout is an opportunity for NHL players to show off their flashiest skills in a real world setting. All that open space in a 1-on-1 matchup with the goaltender presents the opportunity for creativity to flourish, such as the KHL player who used his stick like a spear.

Alternatively, you could do what Dallas Stars winger Alexander Radulov did Monday, and score despite tripping over yourself.

... talk about a quick recovery.

Radulov somehow managed to immediately regain his balance after falling without skipping a beat, then deked out Ondrej Pavelec before firing the puck through the five hole for the goal. Jason Spezza would score again soon after to clinch the Stars’ 2-1 victory.

Radulov’s goal had to give flashbacks to Dallas fans who watched Vernon Fiddler do this a few years ago.

Just like they wrote ‘em up.