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Connor McDavid had all of the illnesses, according to TV graphic

Luckily he’s all better now.

Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid is tied for third in the NHL with 39 points, which is somehow even more impressive seeing this TV graphic listing all of the illnesses he’s dealt with this year. It basically reads like the potential side effects you’d hear during some commercial from a pharmaceutical company:

Even teammate Jesse Puljujarvi seems perturbed seeing everything McDavid has had to deal with this year. Strep throat AND a sore throat? That just seems cruel, particularly for someone who needs to gasp for air at the end of intense shifts. Hopefully he had some warm tea on the bench.

Now McDavid is apparently back to 100 percent, which is scary news for the NHL considering what he was doing when sick. The forward went scoreless in a 4-0 loss to the Predators Thursday night, but he’s still just four points away from leading the Art Ross Trophy race.

Edmonton needs McDavid at his best to have any chance of saving this season. Hopefully his immune system built up a bit over the past couple of months.