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Nashville Predators player involved in fan’s heartwarming pregame proposal

This fan took a risk, and it paid off!

We here at SB Nation have mixed opinions on the subject of sports proposals. Normally, you’re risking a lot of public scrutiny should a sports proposal go wrong, but this fan’s plan involving the Nashville Predators paid off big time.

On Saturday, before the Predators’ game against the Anaheim Ducks, forward Viktor Arvidsson assisted a fan in a proposal of a lifetime. Fan Conor Payne called in Arvidsson to help propose to girlfriend Morgan Landsberg, and the result is quite the adorable scene.

Yes, that is Arvidsson taking off his glove and handing the ring off to Landsberg. The reactions all around, from the couple’s to the Predators watching the exchange, is hall of fame worthy.

Our favorite, of course, is P.K. Subban’s reaction and shoulder tap of congratulations to Landsberg.

What a wingman...

It takes a lot of moxie to get a professional hockey team involved in such an important moment, and one that could go horribly wrong if mistimed. Congratulations, though, are of course in order to both Landsberg and Payne. What a moment!