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Sabres goalie’s practice mask will give you nightmares

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Move over, Jason Voorhees.

Over the past few decades, goaltender masks have gone from nightmare fuel to impressively crafted pieces of art. Buffalo Sabres netminder Robin Lehner gave us a good reminder of this when he rocked a 1970s-style mask used by Gerry Desjardins during practice Thursday morning.

Just look at those dead, soulless eyes:


Lehner also sported the mask in practice before the 2018 NHL Winter Classic, where we got to see it in full with his outdoor getup.

As much as we’d love to see someone lookin’ like Jason Voorhees out there on the ice, those old-school masks don’t quite provide the kind of protection necessary for today’s game. Thankfully, Lehner also revealed an awesome custom mask for the upcoming Winter Classic, too.

It’s fair to say that mask is significantly less horrifying. The inclusion of former Sabres goalie Dominik Hasek on there is a nice touch.

Although, we gotta say, the horrifying 40-year-old mask would be more fun.