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Send these hockey Valentine’s Day cards to your loved ones

Oduya want to be my valentine?

We here at SB Nation appreciate puns. If you read our coverage regularly, you’ll note that our esteemed hockey PUNdit Pat Iversen recently went an entire week without them. (You can read all about his experience here.)

So, of course, once he was available to spit out puns, I sought his help for a special hockey edition of Valentine’s Day cards. Our exchange went something* like this:

ME: u up?

PAT: suh dude

ME: hockey valentine puns, go!

PAT (5 seconds later): trading for you makes my heart all a-Fleury

ME: did oj simpson do it?

PAT (never talked to me ever again)

*This is not at all how it went as I made this entire conversation up. Thank you for reading.

Pat ended up returning with more than a dozen puns in five minutes, and we went to work.

Here’s what we came up with:

And if all else fails, Claude Julien is here to help you get your point across to the cutie you’ve got your eye on:

Tell us your best sports Valentine’s puns below.