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Dallas Stars pay tribute to announcer Dave Strader's comeback after missing a year battling cancer

The Stars play-by-play man has missed the entirety of the 2016-17 season.

Dave Strader had missed 283 days behind the microphone as the Dallas Stars play-by-play broadcaster thanks to treatment for bile duct cancer. On Saturday, Strader returned to the booth to call the Stars and Lightning game, one of five games he’ll call this season.

The Stars thanked Strader for his service and congratulated him on a successful return after their exhilarating 4-3 overtime win against the Lightning with a stick tribute in front of the booth.

Strader spoke to the Dallas Morning News after the game, and had this to say about the tribute.

"Of all the things the team has done for me, and they have done so many wonderful things for me, but when they came over to salute me ... that was unbelievable," Strader said.


"This is the first time, to be honest with you, that for four hours I didn't feel like I was sick at all," Strader said after the game. "Maybe it was the adrenaline high, but I really, really feel great right now."

You can watch the entire sequence below, via the guys over at Russian Machine Never Breaks, including a brief clip of Strader speaking on his absence.

What a wonderful tribute by the Stars, and a glorious finish by Jamie Benn. The hockey world is glad to have you back, Dave.