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NHL trade rumors 2017: Kevin Shattenkirk deal to Oilers reportedly fell apart last summer

That doesn’t mean Edmonton won’t try again.

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at St. Louis Blues Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Shattenkirk and the Edmonton Oilers seem like a natural fit right now, but apparently the St. Louis Blues defenseman didn’t think so a few months ago.

The Blues are expected to trade Shattenkirk, an impending free agent and arguably the biggest prize on the trade market. Shattenkirk’s preference to play on the East Coast (he’s a New York native) is well-known, so that kind of leaves Edmonton out of the loop.

But that doesn’t mean they haven’t tried. Speaking with TSN Edmonton 1260 on Thursday, reporter Frank Seravalli revealed that the Blues and Oilers actually agreed to a Shattenkirk deal last summer.

“The Oilers have already gone down this road,” Seravalli said. “We already know that they have interest in Shattenkirk. According to people I’ve spoken to, the Oilers and Blues had a deal in principle finished and completed for Kevin Shattenkirk last summer that was contingent on him signing a long-term extension [in Edmonton].

“He did not want to sign a long-term extension and the Oilers certainly weren’t going to overpay to get him to do so. So that’s kind of where the deal fell apart.”

The situation in Edmonton has changed. Second in the Pacific and 10 points clear of the Western Conference’s last wild card berth, Edmonton’s window of contention is finally open again.

That could be more tantalizing for Shattenkirk. As Seravalli pointed out, however, the Oilers would have just a dozen home games and a few playoff games to wine, dine, and sell the city to him before he heads to free agency.

And, considering the reported price for Shattenkirk is a first-round pick, an elite prospect, and another asset, Edmonton would be betting hard on itself as a city and a franchise if they acquired Shattenkirk. But it worked with goalie Cam Talbot.

Who says the Oilers’ case isn’t more compelling now than it was in July? They have until March 1 to decide.