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Here's your 2017 NHL trade deadline bingo card!

Celebrate the NHL trade deadline with a friendly game of bingo.

The 2017 NHL trade deadline is upon us! Last year we had a bit of fun playing bingo with you all, so we brought it back this year due to popular demand!

We’re not sure how this trade deadline is going to go down, honestly. There are still a few big names out there, but recent deadlines have been busts. This bingo card will keep you company, whether you’re playing at home, in school, or at work.

The same rules as last year will apply, so here they are again for your convenience:

  1. By my calculations, the earliest broadcast time for trade deadline coverage starts at 8 a.m. ET via Sportsnet. For fairness, 8 a.m. will be the official start time for this bingo.
  2. While the deadline hits at 3 p.m., many trades often happen after the whistle, so we'll give a 4 p.m. finish time. That's eight hours right there for potential bingo!
  3. We'll have updates on our Twitter, but since we don't have eyes everywhere, we might miss something. Give us a shout if you see something we don't!
  4. The only prize if you win is the satisfaction that you spent all day looking to get bingo instead of worrying about what trades your team did or didn't make.


Update 4:30 p.m.: Despite the deadline being a pretty quiet one, we managed to hit quintuple bingo in a first for maybe bingo players everyone. Great job this year, folks!

Update 2:00 p.m.: Trades have crawled to a stop. Time has no meaning. Is there really one hour left?

Update 1:00 p.m.: A few more small trades, but nothing major. Closing in on double bingo, though!

Update 12:00 p.m.: Our first trade! AND BINGO AS A FAKE TRADE CAUGHT ONE OF OUR WRITERS!

Update 11:00 a.m.: Just one minor league trade, but bingo is within grasp! We’re looking for you, fake insiders.

Update 10:00 a.m.: Still no trades, and the broadcasts are starting to run out of jokes.

Update 9:00 a.m.: Broadcasters doing the heavy lifting so far on the bingo card. No trades, but some good opportunities for bingo already.