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P.K. Subban cried during his Canadiens’ tribute video and so did we

The defenseman’s return to the city of Montreal was filled with emotion.

We all knew P.K. Subban’s return to Montreal was coming. On Thursday, the Predators took to the ice to play the Canadiens as Subban returned to Montreal for the first time.

It was always going to be emotional, not only for Canadiens fans but also for Subban himself. Those emotions came to the forefront during Montreal’s heartwarming tribute to Subban’s seven seasons with the club before the start of the game.

The video features highlights of Subban’s time in a Canadiens’ sweater, and also his endless philanthropy to the city of Montreal.

It was enough to make Subban visibly emotional and in tears by the time the tribute was done.

A well-deserved tribute and a standing ovation. Not a dry eye over here.