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Sidney Crosby slashed a Senators' defenseman in the hand, nearly severing a finger

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I watched this GIF so you don’t have to.

Getting this out of the way first: The faint of heart, those who hate the sight of blood, or anyone who can’t stand real-world injuries should look away.

Seriously, one last chance guys.

OK, so Senators defenseman Marc Methot had to leave Ottawa’s game against the Penguins in the first period thanks to a slash from Sidney Crosby.

Where did it get him? Right on the hand, tearing part of his fingertip off in the process.

The real, uncensored version is below, so scroll fast if you don’t want to see.

Methot left the game with a “laceration” to his left hand and will not return to Thursday night’s match.

For good reason. Get that thing stitched back up, pronto. ASAP.