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Maple Leafs fans could travel to D.C. for less money than seeing a home playoff game in Toronto

The playoffs don’t come cheap in Toronto.

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NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Toronto Maple Leafs Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Getting back into the playoffs for the first time in five years has its costs. With the release of the Stanley Cup playoff schedule late last night, ticket prices for the opening round have been made public.

The Maple Leafs are returning to the postseason after a five-year absence, and it’s no surprise their ticket prices — via StubHub — are incredibly high.

Toronto opens the playoffs on the road in Washington D.C. against the Capitals, where they’ll play two games. The prices between the two cities is staggering, from $41 for Game 1 in Washington and $239 for Game 3 in Toronto, and it’s just enough of a difference that it’d actually be cheaper to travel to D.C. than to go to a home game.

Using some of the numbers Room 5 came up with, modified for the current ticket prices, the costs break down as such:

  • Tickets: $41 (or $82 for a pair) in the upper mezzanine
  • Average Hotel Price: $268/night, and only $134/night if you’re going with a buddy
  • Gas: $80 round-trip, or $40 if you’re nice and offer to pay half

In total, that’s $215 USD, or $333 CAD.

Of course, that’s not including ticket fees, travel directly to the Verizon Center, and any expenses you might occur during your stay in D.C.

As for why Capitals tickets are so cheap? Maybe they’re fatigued from the first round after being burned so many times in the past. Or, it’s Easter weekend in the United States and cheap prices might drive interest on a holiday.

Either way, playoffs don’t come cheap for new kids to the dance.