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Tom Wilson scored the game-winner for the Capitals after Mike Babcock said he wasn’t a big ‘concern’

The Maple Leafs won’t be overlooking Wilson anytime soon.

Toronto Maple Leafs v Washington Capitals - Game One Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Twitter never forgets, and apparently neither does Tom Wilson. The Capitals and Maple Leafs went to overtime on Thursday, and Wilson scored the game-winner despite an incredible game from Frederik Andersen.

After the initial shock wore off that it was Wilson who got the game-winner, a fourth-liner who had yet to score a goal in the postseason until Thursday, this tweet went viral.

The quote comes from Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock, who, when asked about Wilson, dismissed the forward as “not as big of a concern” as other members of the Capitals.

Of course, someone in the Washington press pool asked Wilson about the tweet after the game.

Athletes are always watching on Twitter, guys. But hey, at least Wilson knows his role!