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Roman Polak suffers nasty injury after falling onto his own leg

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No one’s leg should bend like this.

The Maple Leafs may have just lost their workhorse defenseman in Roman Polak thanks to an unfortunate landing after a big hit.

Brooks Orpik laid Polak out in the second period of the Capitals and Maple Leafs game on Sunday, resulting in an awful landing for the big defenseman.

There is knee-to-knee contact between Polak and Orpik, but what really injures the Maple Leafs’ defenseman is his landing. Polak’s right skate gets caught in the ice and he twists and falls onto his leg with the weight of his entire body.

Polak had to be helped off the ice by trainers as he struggled to put weight on his leg. You can see exactly where Polak injured his leg right here.

The defenseman played almost 24 minutes in Game 1 for the Maple Leafs, and would be a huge loss for Toronto should he miss more than one game.