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The Colorado Avalanche’s season was sad, but their offseason tweets are sadder

Bless the hearts of the Avalanche’s social media team for trying so hard.

The 2016-17 season was one to forget for the Colorado Avalanche. They bowed out of the season with 22 wins and just 48 points on the year, and entertained the idea of trading their biggest stars to kick off a partial rebuild.

While the Avalanche are done playing hockey for the season, their Twitter account is still going strong as it tries — bless its heart — to make the best of a bad situation.

As such, here are the saddest tweets from the Avalanche account that showcase just how horrible their season was.

Only 15 of 184 players this season had fewer points than Carl Soderberg in 80 or more games played. Last year, he had 51 points.

The point totals only get worse from there.

You know a season is bad when they invoke a miscellaneous fact about the alphabet ... or a player’s birth state or country.

And maybe the most disappointing tweet of them all...

Matt Duchene, their 26-year-old alternate captain, tallied only 41 points this year and this is the stat they lead with.

Here’s to you, Colorado. May your next season be a better, and more inspiring, one.