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Auston Matthews got kneed by Jake Dotchin and Toronto was not happy

The rookie was not injured after a bad play.

The city of Toronto was already tense on Thursday with a playoff spot on the line. Add in a brief scare to their star player, and you could have heard crickets throughout the Toronto area.

Auston Matthews was briefly taken out by the knee of Jake Dotchin — yes, that Jake Dotchin who got speared in the groin days ago — late in the first period between the Maple Leafs and Lightning.

It’s a bad hit from Dotchin, who stands up Matthews at the blue line with the puck nowhere near in sight. The hit wasn’t penalized, either, which made for some very mad Maple Leafs fans.

The hit even worried Matthews’ mom, who is in attendance as the Maple Leafs chase a playoff berth!

Matthews was alright after the play, and was out on the ice just minutes after the hit.