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Penguins goaltender tapes over name of former teammate on goalie mask after Sidney Crosby injury

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This is next-level pettiness by Marc-Andre Fleury.

Marc-Andre Fleury’s current goaltender mask is a real nice gesture to his former Penguins teammates. NHL netminders often do tributes to important people or things in their lives, and Fleury’s is quite the touching one.

The mask immortalizes various players Fleury has played with over his NHL career, from current teammates to players he won the Stanley Cup with back in 2009.

The mask also got handwritten additions in James Neal — currently playing in Nashville — and one Matt Niskanen.

Yes, that one. The one at the center of all the controversy surrounding Sidney Crosby’s injury.

Fleury took matters into his own hands when he sported his mask during Game 4, with a name suspiciously taped out.

That’s some hardcore pettiness right there. Maybe they’ll battle out their squabbles in Mario Kart next!